Quotations about Running

On Fortune's cap we are not the very button.

-William Shakespeare

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by Frank | Jan 2, 2024, 8:39 PM

In a hat shop I pranced, full of cheer,

Trying caps that brought laughter to my ear.

As time aged my soul,

Family played their role,

Each hat marked a milestone, so dear.


With a cap, I embraced youthful glee,

Embarking on journeys wild and free.

But as years passed me by,

Aging brought a sigh,

My hat changed to wisdom's decree.


From a cap to a hat, the transition,

Signaled time's graceful admission.

In its wide brim I found

Lessons, lovingly bound,

Passed from kin with heartfelt volition.


Oh, the tales my hat could unfold,

Of family stories treasured and told.

Through joys and sorrows faced,

Laughter never erased,

Hats and caps, memories enfold.


So gather round, young ones, come sit,

Try on hats in this shop we'll permit.

Embrace life's grand stage,

With humor as our gauge,

For hats and love make memories fit.

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